Interusting Information


Have you ever wondered why were here? I know I have. It brings up many ideas when you really think about. 

If your religious you'll say that were here to get to know God and Jesus. There are some that don't even believe in God and they think about it but, can't come up with any answers for themselves. 

I can try and give you my ideas of what I think we are here. Some of them might shock you. 

!. Were here to learn about God's reasoning for creating us.

2,To learn about what it means to be human.

3.To find a teacher that is will taught in many types of belief systems and is willing to help us find out why were here.

4. To because enlightened.

5. To learn what human nature really is.

6. To learn from our mistakes.

7. To learn to become a better person then who we are now.

This life can be very difficult to navigate through. We all have ups and downs that we just don't understand why it happens. We have a thought about why has this happened to us and we think bad thoughts. We think that we can't survive if something so bad ends up happening that we do something that can harm us or someone else and it just causes more problems.

I know that some people just think that solving the problem means doing anything not legal will help them. It won't. The easiest way to solve any problem is finding help or asking someone that you know for help. Everything that happens in our lives really is a learning thing for us to deal with.

Take the time to learn what ever is put in front of you. Don't just give up an any way. There's always a solve out there and it may take a lot of time to solve it but it will come. Never give up. 


From the time that we were born were always learning something. Our parents become our teachers first. They teach us right form wrong. Sometimes they teach us how to believe or not to believe. 

Next we start going to school and we have many different teachers. They teach us history, writing, math and the many things that we might need to live in society. 

Then, there's the people we meet as were growing up and we learn things about society through how they act. We even begin to act like them because we think its okay to do so. 

There are bad teachers out there. They will teach us things that will cause us to be judgmental ot others. 


Learning is the only reason were here on this planet. Were only have this one body or so we think. There's a chance that we might have been here before but, for us to know that we need to learn about past lives. 

To become the best student we can be, we need to find the best teachers and being careful who we choose. There are many good teachers out that and I'll say that this site can help you if you want to learn. 

The student needs the best information they can find. A lot of place on the internet can help, books, CD's, DVD's and taking classes can help you learn. Each one listed is good for learning. 


We are born into this world, things end up happening to us as we grow up and then we die. 

To many of us are afraid of death because we don't know what its going to be like. Being that I haven't died yet myself I couldn't really tell you my thoughts on that. I have read some books that have given me some insight. But it doesn't answer any ones questions.

If I can say something that might make anyone feel better it would be this, death will come, we shall go some where other then this earth were on. At least that's my belief. We can't avoid it either. 

I'll also add this, you need to enjoy your life and be happy. It will become easier to deal with when you don't think about it. 

What is truth or a lie

What is a cult

This is a very tough subject to write about but, it needs to be covered. 

We don't all grow up the same in our lives. We are always looking and searching for some where to belong. The scary thing is we end up looking in the wrong places. There are people out there that are looking for just these kind of people. The ones that don't fit in, can't go to church because they don't fit with them. 

So one day someone comes up to you and asks if your lost and looking for something. The mistake you make is answering the question in a way that gets them to jump right in and talk about what their involved with. It starts to intrigue you. You want to know where you can get involved. 

They will invite you to a meeting which is probably going on right now. You decide to go and you are greeted by very friendly people. You sit down and soon out comes a person that seems very nice. The person begins to speak and you listen and as time goes by, many things you agree with. After the meeting you are asked if your wanting to join their little group. 

Everything fits with you but, you aren't sure you want to join. They begin to explain more to you and how they live. The mistake here is that you are falling for it. Instead of pushing you into it. They offer to have you come out to their place and spend the weekend with them. 

Many cults are different and they do things differently. Most of the time you will meet someone that's very charismatic, after a period of time you will fall in love with them. It will cause you to do anything they ask of you. Question? Are we really that gullible? I think if we are then, we will follow anything and end up doing anything. 

Once your involved with a cult its very hard to get out of it. But if your one of the lucky ones. It will take lots of time to get deprogramed. 

If you've watched some of the shows on television, you will see that many bad things have happened in some cults, death, rape and many other things. I will add this, there are some kinds of church's out there that should be considered as cults. All you have to do is do the research on them. Its easy to know what is and what isn't. 

What is fear

We have been taught to fear many kinds of things in our lives. We fear certain animals, being judged, other faiths and belief systems, and we fear death. 

Fear has a bad habit of stopping us from thinking for ourselves. We are told how to believe without thinking about what we really think on our own. 

We need to learn how to take the fear out of our lives and when we do, we'll become happy and better people. 

Fear is a kind of control thing that we all have inside of us. We are what we think we are and were not willing to change it unless we are pushed to do so. Its a shame that we have to fear anything at all. 

The truth about God

Many of us have learned that the Bible is the only truth. We trust our Pastors and minsters at the churches we go to that what they teach is the truth. 

This is going to be a shocker to most that believe in God, that there's a hell and there is such thing as the devil. The truth is there is no such thing as hell or the devil. Yes, I know that the Bible says so. 

My question to you is this, if God is only love and cares for every human being that's on the earth now or ever has been, why would he create hell or the devil? I feel that our thinking is wrong to assume that god would be so mean and cruel to send any of us to a place where there would be hellfire and torcher. I believe that God wouldn't do such a thing as that to any of us. 

The Bible was written by humans, some may have been inspired by God himself. But if you spend any real time studying the Bible on your own, you will see that God isn't mean or cruel. 

We live in a world where there has been a lot of bad things going on, there are bad people as will. Christians use the excuse that the devil made me do it.

If Satan is your excuse for the temptations you have been having or even doing and you say its his fault. Your using someone that doesn't exist. Were forgetting that God has given each and everyone free will. So the choices that we make isn't because of Satan or the devil, its because we made that choice freely and on our own.

I have studied the Bible and still do. Yes, Satan has been mentioned many times, but isn't interesting that were believing everything in a book that is mostly about a time in history that happened 2000 to 3000 years ago.

I think those of us need to spend some time studying how Christianity really came about. It might just bring some real truths of understanding what I'm saying. 

I've been reading this book called, Conversations with God, it has proven some of my thinking about God to be true deep down inside of me. But its not the only thing that has done that. 

The truths learned here will be hard for some to handle, but, its important to show the truths and the lies. 

Ideas for everyone

Ideas on retreats

There are many different kinds of retreats out there. All you need to do is get online and search for retreats. There you'll see so many and when you do find what your looking for it could cost you quite a bit of money. I'll worn you now, you will have to spend money and spend any where between 4 to 7 days to get anything out of the retreat. Some places that I've looked up only do certain kinds of retreats and to some its hard to know what we really want when it comes to a retreat. 

Here's some ideas you might want to think about. If your willing to spend time out in nature then, go camping or rent a cabin at a national park. You can get the same kinds of things by just doing them on your own. Most of the time it will be much cheaper. 

If your really wanting to go to a retreat where there are others teaching classes that you are looking for then, really do your research and find out if they have what your looking for. Try not to spend more money then you need too. Its never worth it to spend and arm and leg onto something that isn't going to fit into what your needing for yourself. 

Sooner or later I shall start having classes on many different subjects, it won't be a retreat but, it will help people to know what they are looking for when they want to go to a retreat. Our souls need to learn new habits and continue to learn more and more. So if were willing to be happy in our lives then, it takes time and money to learn. 

Don't be afraid to try something new, we back off to often when it comes to learning something that is good for ourselves. Take time for a retreat. You can call it a vacation if you wish.