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My insight

True religion has to do with what you believe deep down inside of yourself. Each religion is worth knowing about. Because of fears we have about other religions we become afraid to want to know anything about them so we just keep to what our beliefs are. 

We let the leaders of our churches tell us how we should believe and anything that's different isn't worth wanting to know. That is completely wrong. Too understand a religion we need to learn about its beliefs and how they worship. It helps keep us from judging what we don't understand. 

Don't let fear scare you away from wanting to know something new. Don't let other people try to tell you how you should think. Open your mind to something new. If its not new then, maybe you might just learn more than what you think you know. 

True Religion

The truth as we know it to be.

True religion is said to be what ever religion you belong too. That's not exactly what I think. True religion comes from inside of us. Its what Jesus taught. There are many that will tell you that if you don't belong to a church then, your not part of a religion at all. You are the temple, the church, everything within you is God's. Because your were created by him in his image. 

Don't let anyone tell you differently. 

What is true religion?

The answer to this is, its what ever your belief, faith and what your soul feels. We only have one life to live because we do end up dying. 

Do we have a choice?

Yes, we have a choice. Because of free will, we can make the choice to believe or not. 

Does it really matter?

It does matter in some religions. Just be careful because, some people will judge you for the decision that you make. Remember to stand firm in your own beliefs. 

The true belief

Believing in anything comes from some where deep inside of ourselves. Our lives are riddled with all kinds of things we need to do. We don't always have the time to do things for ourselves. But we need to make time for us.

What I truly believe has to do with what my heart and soul tells me is right. I don't go to church because what they do in church doesn't fit with me. What does fit for me is creating my own church within me. That's what my beliefs in what I've learned over the years has shown me.

If your willing to search for what really fit into you belief system or reaches deep into your soul, then you'll be wanting to spend more time wanting to learn. That's what this website is for. 

Don't be afraid of what someone might say, do what is right for you. If this doesn't fit for you, that's okay. Good luck in your search.

About Me

My background

I grew up in Portland Oregon. I'm 52 years old. I've been studying different religions for years now. 

I've decided to create this website to teach, share and open peoples mind to what religions there are out there. 

I've also been getting my ministers license for the last 4 years. I'm study metaphysics. A subject that I'll explain on here as time goes on.

My faith

I need to be truthful, I don't go to church. Because my church is inside of me. I believe whole heartedly in God. I do spend time in study, prayer and meditation. 

True religion comes in many different beliefs. You can find the books on amazon books if you need more information.

My main belief system has to do with  every faith/religion, it is worth taking different parts from to practices. Life is to short not to spend time finding out what really fits for you. 

When you've not really found out what fits for you when it comes to religion. You spend time studying different things in hopes that one might fit for you. Then, to only find out that different parts of other religions fit you more than any just one.

My involvement

What I'm wanting to do is share my beliefs in different religions with you. Try to take the fear out and show how all faiths have something to offer us in our everyday lives.


Note: This website is still a work in progress. So if you see something that isn't done yet, it will get done as time goes on. So hang in there and come back often to see what's added. 

                    Thank you.

In my opinion

What I think!

Growing up over the years I've always been told that I need to find a church and start going. I never wanted to tell them what I really thought because I knew they would be judgemental and I didn't want that. I decided it was time to find out what would fit me. So I decided to go to school and become a minster. Taking classes and everything hasn't been easy but, its really worth it. So this is why I decided to start this website. 

People have been scared for years that if they say what they should they would be judged or worse. 

What I want to do!

As time goes by, I'm going to start teaching classes and doing seminars. I may even want to get a small amount of people together to have meetings, like maybe even a small church. I think people need to be involved where they won't be judged and willing to talk and be open minded.

What I believe in

I've been studying Metaphysics for years. Its a study of different religions and many other kinds of things to better who you are. When I started studying I realized that I understood what I needed to do. Its a short life that we live and if were not willing to understand other people, religions and beliefs then, were missing out on what it offered.

I was told that what I'm doing is against God. That's because many people didn't understand what I was doing and why I chose to study it. I decided to better myself and this was one of the ways to do it. 

I believe in God and pretty much have all my life but, I knew that many churches told lies concerning God and his son Jesus. You don't have to take my word for it. The information is out there and I've introduced a few books to read and plan on adding new ones as time goes by. 

I believe that there are many people that aren't willing to change their belief systems and that's fine. But if your not willing to look at other things so you will know more about them then, your keeping a closed mind. 

Fear of something new comes into play here. We all need to listen to the little voice that's coming from higher up and not from another person. Yes, I know I'm another person but, I'm trying to be truthful in all that I point out.

Where I want to go

In time I will be teaching in person to all wanting to learn and study with me. For now, it will be what is on this website. 

It takes time to learn new things, to put your judgement away. 

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